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4-Layer Muslin Fabric

4-Layer Muslin Fabric

We weave our fabric from compact combed 40/30 - 40/40 cotton yarns. We only use 100% Cotton threads so that it does not harm the skin. Our fabric is woven on 210cm wide automatic looms. Our fabric, whose weaving process is finished, then goes to the wash. It shrinks from the width of about 15-25% during the washing cycle and has a width of 155 cm. Thus, the problem of shrinking the fabric later is eliminated.

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Fabric Features

Composition: 100% Cotton

Width: 160 cm

Weight: 225 GR / M2 (+- 5%)


What is 4-layer muslin fabric used for?

Thanks to its breathable and soft texture, you can easily use it in every area with regard to babies: shoulder cover, baby blanket, swaddle cover, and baby clothes. Apart from this, it can be used in many other areas related to babies that you can think of. This fabric is also a suitable choice for summer dresses, pyjamas, masks, home decor textiles, kitchen textiles, aroma bags, and even for medical bandages. 

4-Layer Muslin Fabric
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