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About Us

Who Are We?

Ogma Fabric is a fabric manufacturer company located in Tekirdag, Turkey. Our company was founded in 1998. With over two decades of experience we manufacture custom made premium quality fabrics and distribute it worldwide. Turkish fabrics are known worldwide to be the best-quality and most exquisite. We offer a rich selection of Turkish fabrics both ready to ship and custom made. Ogma Fabric produces more than 50 kinds of fabrics including natural and organic fabrics. We also offer digital printing services on fabrics made buy us.

What We Do?

Our company manufactures high-quality bespoke fabrics for our customers. We knit eco-friendly and green fabrics. Our priority is to provide knitting services for small and medium-sized businesses and designers. We keep our minimum order quantities as low as possible to help small and new businesses. You can create your own custom design and knit in our facilities. We can customize fabric composition, weight, colour, and width of fabrics. Our high technological manufacturing capacity allows you to receive what you exactly need. We also provide digital printing services with the most advanced technology. Now it’s as easy as ever to order custom textiles directly from the manufacturers in Turkey which is more economic and sustainable.

Our Values

Our business strategy has been different from the very beginning. We focused on research and development and improved production quality to the maximum. Sustainability and fair trade are also part of our key values. Thus, we achieved to create a very talented team with a safe and calm work environment and modern, eco-friendly manufacturing protocol. We are always happy to create possibilities for custom knitted fabrics, custom printed fabrics with small order amounts with exclusive quality.

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