Ogma Nano Antibacterial Fabrics for Reusable Masks

We developed special fabrics for the creation of reusable masks. Antibacterial specifications of OGMA Nano Fabrics are approved by Turkish Ministry of Health.
Nano Technology Fabrics
We are all against pandemics.
Thanks to our facilities, we could move fast and develop this products.
Ideal for Reusable Masks
99.9% protects against bacteries and viruses.
You can wash the masks up to 50 times. No loses are guaranteed in antibacterial features.

We are one of the exceptional producers of mask fabrics in Europe

Certificated High Tech Products
Fast Delivery
Thanks to our outstanding logistics capability, we can deliver the fabrics in 2 days anywhere on the earth.
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We are the best fabric producer for masks. You can purchase your wholesale mask fabric orders in our website or can get an quote for your needs. Our offices in EU and Russia enables us to engage wholesale mask fabrics in UK, wholesale mask fabrics in Europe.

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