Camisole Fabric

Camisole Fabric

Fabric Content


Content: Only Cotton

Yarn Types: OE Cotton / Carded Cotton / Combed Cotton

Yarn Counts:  NA

Width Range: 90-100 CM

Weight Range:NA

Other Informations


Production Capacity: 100 Tones / Month
Delivery Time: 1 Container – 15 Days
Colour: Ogma Colour Chart, Pantone Colours, Custom Colours
Package Detail: 25 KG Roll Packing
Minimum Order Per Colour : 150 KG
HS Code: 6006.

Camisole fabric production can be customised both with weight and color. Please let us know which weight and color would you like to order. 

  • Babywear

  • Children’s Wear

  • Tops

  • Basics

  • Dresses

  • Uniforms

  • Collar

  • Cuff

What is Camisole Fabric used for?


  • T-Shirts 

  • Innerwears 

  • Underwears

  • Tank Tops 

  • Tops 

  • Sweatshirts 

  • Sweatpants 

  • Sportswear 

  • Hoodies

  •  Pijamas 

Camisole Fabric Features

Smooth Surface | Dense Structure | Heat Insulation | Warm | Relatively Heavier | Soft Touch | Hydrofilic | Absorbent | Comfortable | Strechy | Flexible | Non-Curl

Camisole Fabric

Camisole Fabric

Camisole fabric, which is generally preferred in winter, is knitted with 3 needles. Camisole, which is a kind of rib, has a transverse elongation feature. In some belts, camisole fabric is used because they have the feature of elongation.

In recent years, camisole fabric types have been used in microfiber products. They are generally used in sweaters, belts and underwear. Camisole, which is used in low-burning fabrics, is one of the most preferred fabrics that firefighters prefer, due to its natural raw material.

Camisole fabrics are preferred for many different types of clothing. It is a type of fabric that is very preferred especially in women's clothing products. Since it is economical, it is used in many different ready-to-wear products. Camisole fabric, which is most preferred in underwear and nightwear products, is similar to ribbed fabric.