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Camisole Fabric


Camisole fabric production can be customized both with weight, colour and, digital print. 

Camisole Fabric

Fabric Features


Composition:   %100 Cotton

Yarn Types: OE Cotton / Carded Cotton / Combed Cotton

Yarn Counts: N/A

Width Range: 90-100 cm

Weight Range: N/A

Colour: Ogma Colour Chart, Pantone Colours, Custom Colours

Order Information


Production Capacity 

100 Tones / Month
Delivery Time

1 Container – 15 Days
Package Detail

25 kg Roll Packing


150 kg
HS Code


  • Babywear

  • Children’s Wear

  • Tops

  • Basics

  • Dresses

  • Uniforms

  • Collar

  • Cuff

What is Camisole Fabric used for?


  • T-Shirts 

  • Innerwears 

  • Underwears

  • Tank Tops 

  • Tops 

  • Sweatshirts 

  • Sweatpants 

  • Sportswear 

  • Hoodies

  •  Pijamas 

Camisole Fabric Features

Smooth Surface | Dense Structure | Heat Insulation | Warm | Relatively Heavier | Soft Touch | Hydrofilic | Absorbent | Comfortable | Strechy | Flexible | Non-Curl

Camisole Fabric
Camisole Fabric

Ogma camisole fabrics are made of 100% high-quality Turkish cotton. They are knitted with three needles. Camisole, which is a kind of rib, has a transverse elongation feature. Camisole fabrics have a dense structure so they are relatively heavy yet stretchy and flexible. They are also soft with smooth surface. Camisole fabrics don’t curl up. They have multiple positive properties like: being hydrophilic, being moisture absorbent and, insulating heat well therefore being warm.

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