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What is Camisole Fabric?

Camisole fabric, which is generally preferred in winter, is knitted with 3 needles. Camisole, which is a kind of rib, has a transverse elongation feature. In some belts, camisole fabric is used because they have the feature of elongation.
In recent years, camisole fabric types have been used in microfiber products. They are generally used in sweaters, belts and underwear. Camisole, which is used in low-burning fabrics, is one of the most preferred fabrics that firefighters prefer, due to its natural raw material.
Camisole fabrics are preferred for many different types of clothing. It is a type of fabric that is very preferred especially in women's clothing products. Since it is economical, it is used in many different ready-to-wear products. Camisole fabric, which is most preferred in underwear and nightwear products, is similar to ribbed fabric.

Features of Camisole Fabric

We can sum up the general features of the camisole fabric as follows:
It has the feature of transverse and longitudinal stretching,
The front and back are striped types.
It is produced in a similar way to the rib knitting structure,
Its lines are evident, it is preferred in many underwear products,
Whether Lycra is used or not, it is easy to put on and take off,
The pattern alternative is many,
It is a healthy type of fabric unless artificial materials are added,
It is resistant to burning,
There are glossy and matt varieties,
Dirt-holding properties are low,
Its shape does not deteriorate easily,
Pattern and printing are easy.
The properties of camisole fabric, which is a durable fabric type, are similar to ribbed fabric.

How to Wash Camisole Fabric?

Camisole fabric is an easy-to-wash fabric. It can be easily washed in the machine. Although very hot temperatures are not preferred, it can also be washed in the heat. It is a type of fabric that does not have problems in washing since it does not require ironing.
Hand wash may be preferred because some fabrics contain artificial pieces. However, washing patterned fabrics at too high temperatures may cause the colors to escape. It may not be appropriate to wash above 60 percent.

On Which Products Is Camisole Preferred?

Camisole is most often used in women's underwear production. Apart from that, it is used in almost all clothing products.
Microfiber cloths,
Shirts and blouses,
Firefighter clothing,
It is used in many apparel products.
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