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Ogma Fabric

2-Thread Fleece / French Terry Fabrics Family

French Terry Lycra
(20/10 – 20/20 – 30/20 – 30/30 – 30/70 – 30/100 – 30/150)
Gray Melange French Terry
(20/10 – 20/20 – 30/20 – 30/30 – 30/70 – 30/100 – 30/150)
Printed French Terry
(20/10 – 20/20 – 30/20 – 30/30 – 30/70 – 30/100 – 30/150)
Brushed French Terry
(20/10 – 20/20 – 30/20 – 30/30 – 30/70 – 30/100 – 30/150)
Combed Cotton Double Knit Fabric
(20/10 – 20/20 – 30/20 – 30/30 – 30/70 – 30/100 – 30/150)
Cotton Polyester French Terry Full Lycra
(20/10 – 20/20 – 30/20 – 30/30 – 30/100 – 30/150)
Gray Melange French Terry Full Lycra
(20/10 – 20/20 – 30/20 – 30/30 – 30/70 – 30/100 – 30/150)
French Terry
(20/10 – 20/20 – 30/20 – 30/30 – 30/70 – 30/100 – 30/150)

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Ogmagabric is producing all kind of fabric. Our service for fashion industry not only makes millions of people wear elegant clothes, but also allows talented designers to create their own fabrics.
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Two-thread fabrics are also known as lining braided. The name known on the market is defined as two yarn knitted fabrics. RL is produced in single plate circular knitting machines by stacking them in the form of needles and locks.

It is obtained by giving two threads that are different in number size to the same needle. So ground yarn and lining yarn are used together. The lining thread is thick and suitable for spinning. The lining thread should be two times thicker than the ground thread.

It is used in the production of clothes such as sweat, hooded cardigan, upper and lower tracksuits.

Features of Two Thread Fabrics

Two thread fabrics are produced on single plate circular knitting machines and used with loop-hanger-jump knitting elements. It has the following features in general:
The front and back sides are different from each other,
They are thick fabrics and used in spring season,
They are not preferred as summer fabric,
Because it has high stain holding properties, it should be used carefully,

Its flexibility is quite good when knitted with lycra.

There are many different types of two-thread fabrics. Because each of them varies according to yarn thickness. Some may be terry cloth, while others can be used as plush.

Production Process of Two Thread Braids

Two-thread knits are obtained in single-plate circular knitting machines by placing two threads in one needle.
In this knitting type, yarns with different properties and numbers are used. Knitted fabric's front and back parts are different. On the front side of the fabric, there are jumps suitable for cordoning behind the loops, and on the other side, single jersey appearances occur.
There are at least 4 systems in two yarn knits. In the knitting report, the 1st pin of the 1st system acts as a hanger. These products, knitted using yarns with high cotton content, become much thicker than the back surface.

Lycra Two Thread Fabric Types

Lycra fabrics, which are the types of fabrics that increase the variety of clothes in daily life, are used in the production of many clothes.
Two lycra thread fabrics used in different areas are the most important part of daily wear and home textiles with many different colors and features. The result of the combination of two yarns in one needle is that the lining that is liked in the fabric tobacco is woven with a yarn twice as thick as the ground.
As an indispensable part of sportswear and baby wear, lycra two-thread fabrics are used very often in seasonal passages because they are comfortable and flexible. It is also preferred in spring outerwear products in recent years.

Two Yarn Fabric Types with Cord

Two-thread fabric with a cord, which is a composite type, is a type of fabric obtained in RL machines in the form of needles and locks. The lining of the lining is lined and reaching the appearance of a towel is called with a cord.
Two strands of yarn fabric, which are generally used for making blankets and plush toys, are divided into different types.

Denier Fabric

They are fabrics produced to measure the weight of filament and fiber. Denier fabrics are distinguished by certain numbers. It is named as 50 denier or 600 denier.
Products such as backpacks have low denier because their wear rates are high. The value varies according to the thinness and shape of the fabric.

Denim Fabric

Denim fabrics are among the canvas woven cotton fabrics. They have ribbed structures and these wicks are dominant at the fabric level.
Denim look and denim fabrics were first discovered by Levi Stratus and have existed since the 18th century. As it is a heavy and long-lasting fabric type, it is one of the first choices in clothing for people of all ages.

Pique Fabric

Produced as single, double or triple, this fabric has a crisp texture. It is easily sewn and resembles mercerism. It is used very often in home furnishings and evening dresses.

They are used as single addition and double addition. It has the feature of expanding by releasing itself.

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