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What is Interlock Fabric?

They are double layer fabrics knitted in double plate circular knitting machines. In case the interlock fabrics stretch, only the loops on the right are visible. In general, the interlock fabric properties are as follows:

It is used frequently in underwear, summer and winter sports products,
It is preferred in medical clothing,
The fabric is stretched transversely to distinguish it from the rib, if the loops are mutual, they are interlocked,
It has the same appearance on the front and back,
It has a tight structure,
Stretches horizontally,
Its shape keeping feature is high,
Its weight is heavy,
There is air between front and back surface,
Steel Interlock (Punto Di Roma)
Steel interlock fabric knitted using loop and jump is a type of fabric with low flexibility.
It has the same appearance on the front and back,
Pattern and surface are limited,
They take good moisture,
When they are stretched, their loops can escape,
It generally has the same features as the interlock.
There are many different types of steel interlock. These types are pes steel interlock, pampes steel interlock, yarn dyed steel interlock, wrinkled striped steel interlock, ring steel interlock varieties.

How is interlock fabric washed?

They are fabrics that need to be washed in sensitive washing and under 40 degrees. It is not recommended to be bored too much. It should not be dried under direct sun. It should not enter chlorinated waters and bleach use should be done carefully. In other words, as long as there are no high temperatures, an easy washing result is obtained.

In Which Products Is Interlock Fabric Preferred?

Uses of interlock fabrics are generally baby wear and sports wear. It is used in many different areas such as pajama sets, jackets, nightgowns, rob de chambre, sportswear, children's clothing, and marine clothing.
The most commonly used areas are baby wear products. It is a type of fabric that is frequently preferred in baby hats, clothes and tracksuits. It absorbs excess moisture and comes into contact with air. Therefore, it has a very good protection feature. This feature is the reason why it is preferred for sportswear and baby wear products.

Interlock fabrics, which are non-allergenic and non-fading fabrics, are among the first preferred fabrics for many ready-to-wear products today. They are also often preferred for home textiles.

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