L2. Linen Cotton Fabric | Width 2.30cm

Ogma Fabric
Width: 230cm 

%50 linen %50 cotton fabric. 
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Linen Cotton fabric made by local producers. It's a lovely fabric. If you like linen and you prefer it a little bit softer, then it's exactly for you. 
Linen fabric is a type of linen fiber fabric obtained from the body of the plant called Linum usitatissium. It is a less preferred fabric type due to weaving difficulties. Thanks to its soft structure, durability, absorbent feature and easy cleaning, it is frequently encountered in all areas of our lives. Linen fabric, which has become the symbol of the summer months, has many areas of use such as curtains, clothes, covers, sheets, upholstery and carpets.

Linen is a durable fabric, has good moisture absorption and can be washed under the same conditions as cotton. The high shrinkage and wrinkle properties of the linen fabric can be improved with the finishing processes.

High-weight fabrics are used in women's dresses, men's suits and furniture. Linen sewing threads are used for sewing some buttons and shoes that require durability.

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Fabric: 100% Bamboo