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The Most Breathable Fabrics That Are Sweat-Resistant

Here are some of most breathable fabrics that don't show sweat. These fabrics are suitable for hot temperatures.

Clothes made from breathable fabrics are our first choice on hot summer days. They allow airflow to keep your body temperature cool and prevent excessive sweating. These fabrics are especially great as they help you avoid getting sweat stains as well. Some of them wick moisture quite easily, offering comfort and convenience.

the most breathable fabrics
A photo of the modal fabric.

Clothes made from breathable fabrics are also perfect for those who have sensitive skin. That's because these fabric does not provoke skin allergies. This makes them ideal for babies as well. Thanks to their breathable and moisture-wicking features, allergies, irritations, and heat rash are gone.

What are the most breathable fabrics?

When we talk about the most breathable fabrics, cotton, modal, and linen are the ones to come to mind. They are known for their ability to allow air to get through. Their breathable structure makes them ideal clothing materials for active wear as well.

1. Cotton

There is no doubt that cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics in the garment industry. Its soft texture makes it one of the most convenient fabrics in the world. That's why it is widely used in everyday clothing and also has its part in household products.

On the other hand, it is important to note that cotton does not wick moisture away. Instead, clothes made from cotton absorb moisture. That's why it might not be the first preference for people who tend to sweat excessively.

But we do have a better alternative when it comes to picking the best fabric for summer. And that is organic cotton.

Garments produced from pure organic cotton offer the ultimate comfort and breathability. Unlike regular cotton, which is made with unsustainable production methods; organic cotton clothes do not contain chemical substances.

Organic cotton clothes are weatherproof as well. That's because they preserve the body temperature on cold days and keep the body chill in hot weather.

2. Modal

Modal is another natural fabric that comes from beech wood. It is an eco-friendly fabric that also offers breathability. Clothes made from modal absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. Its soft texture does not compromise its durability as well.

The wonderful bio-based fabric is also colorfast. This is great for people who struggle with sweating too much. Thanks to the modal, you will not see sweat stains causing color issues on your clothes.

3. Linen

Linen clothes should be in the list of your shopping list. This great summer fabric keeps the body cool thanks to its open weaves. It does not squeeze the skin or trap the heat as well. With its hollow fibers, it makes wonderful casual clothes and stunning summer dresses.

This great fabric also requires minimal care. So you will not have a different time to care for your linen clothes. Do keep in mind that that linen fabric wrinkles quite easily. But it is a perfect clothing material for breathability.

4. Muslin

Muslin is a loose fabric that is highly breathable. It has a lower thread count which makes it soft and tender.

The fabric's lightweight structure makes it perfect for baby clothes as well. Thanks to its open weave, it does not give way to bacteria or germ growth.

Note that this airy fabric makes great household products as well. We suggest going with muslin if you are looking for a breathable fabric. Rest assured that it will not show

Which fabrics are not breathable?

There are also textiles you should avoid especially on hot summer days. Known as the least breathable fabrics, we recommend you don't prefer clothes made from these fabrics. They are likely to trap heat and cause overheating. Here's the list of the least breathable fabrics.

1. Denim

Denim is one of the heaviest fabrics. Even though it has a unique touch on the skin, this fabric is far from comfortable in hot weather.

Even though the denim fabric has a distinct style, we recommend preferring chambray in the summer months. That's because it looks similar to denim but is lighter than its counterpart.

breathable fabrics

2. Polyester and Nylon

These two synthetic fibers are two of the most popular clothing materials in the world. These widely used fabrics are the first preference of manufacturers. Their strength and durability make them convenient for almost every type of clothing. From sportswear to everyday clothing, they are used in a wide array of garment products.

That being said, clothes made from these synthetic fabrics do not breathe well. Even though they repel water and sweat, they tend to offer the perfect conditions for germ and bacteria growth. Your polyester clothes will retain odor as well.

3. Fleece

Fleece is an ideal clothing material for winter clothes. But it should not be in your summer wardrobe as it can cause overheating.

Clothes made from fleece do a great job of trapping body heat. They do not allow the hair to leave the body as it has insulating features. But they will overwhelm you and cause over sweating.

How to pick the best fabric for summer?

If you want to avoid sweat patches, it is best to prefer natural fibers. Because their synthetic rivals are not very absorbent. They also tend to repel sweat and cause the clothes to feel clammy.

Here are the common features of the best summer fabrics that are quite breathable.

  • Lightweight

  • Open weaves

  • Loose structure

  • Moisture-wicking


Sweat is a menace to the lovely clothes that we look forward to wearing on summer days. It causes the clothes to cling to the skin, provoking allergies and various irritations. That's why you should avoid clammy shirts and dresses on hot days.

That's where the most breathable fabrics come to our aid. Picking the most suitable dress both for your style and the weather is important. But we recommend checking the tag of the garment product or feeling its texture to know its material. Because apparel produced from synthetic fibers tends to emit the toxic substances used in the production process.

These chemical additives are a menace to our skin health. Even though a fabric feels stretchy and breathable, we recommend going with natural fibers like organic cotton and modal. They do not only make great summer clothes but they also offer comfort and safety.

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