Rib Fabric

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Rib Fabric

Fabric Content


Content: Only Cotton — Cotton/Lycra

Yarn Types: OE Cotton / Carded Cotton / Combed Cotton

Yarn Counts:   20/1 — 30/1 — 30/2

Width Range: 90-170CM

Weight Range: 170 – 310 GR

Other Informations


Production Capacity: 100 Tones / Month
Delivery Time: 1 Container – 15 Days
Colour: Ogma Colour Chart, Pantone Colours, Custom Colours
Package Detail: 25 KG Roll Packing
Minimum Order Per Colour : 150 KG
HS Code: 6006.

Rib fabric production can be customized both with weight and color. Please let us know which weight and color would you like to order. 

  • Babywear

  • Children’s Wear

  • Tops

  • Basics

  • Dresses

  • Uniforms

  • Collar

  • Cuff

What is Rib Fabric used for?


  • T-Shirts 

  • Innerwears 

  • Underwears

  • Tank Tops 

  • Tops 

  • Sweatshirts 

  • Sweatpants 

  • Sportswear 

  • Hoodies

  •  Pijamas 

Rib Fabric Features

Soft Touch | Smooth Surface | Hydrofilic | Absorbent | Comfortable | Stretchy | Flexible | Non-Curl

Rib Fabric

Rib Fabric

Three yarn knitted fabrics, which are among the fabric types used in textile, are known as Three Ply Fleece in English.

Unlike two yarn knitted fabrics, it is produced by using a third yarn with the addition of a third yarn to the ground and lining yarn. Of the three threads, which are generally used differently from each other, the ground yarn is provided with the first ground yarn, the surface with the second yarn, and the third yarn is stronger, and the lining yarn is not visible on the surface of the fabric.