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Three yarn knitted fabrics, which are among the fabric types used in textile, are known as Three Ply Fleece in English.

Unlike two yarn knitted fabrics, it is produced by using a third yarn with the addition of a third yarn to the ground and lining yarn. Of the three threads, which are generally used differently from each other, the ground yarn is provided with the first ground yarn, the surface with the second yarn, and the third yarn is stronger, and the lining yarn is not visible on the surface of the fabric.

Production of Three Thread Fabrics

Three-thread fabrics, which are knitted fabrics with a slightly heavier structure, are obtained by using jump, hanger and loop elements together in single plate circular knitting machines.

The production of three yarn fabrics is carried out on single plate circular knitting machines. All three jumpers, hangers and loop elements are used together, so a different weave is formed in the lower part and in the upper part.

The knit formed on the front face in the form of single jersey yarn floats is knitted using knitting threads, which are formed by making hangers during jumping and stitching, unlike the two yarns. In this case, full-weight and tight fabric structures are obtained.

The three thread weaves consist of at least 6 systems and it may be possible to create tens of varieties by changing the hanger points that form the pile points. In the controls made on the sample fabric:

- The amount of yarn spent on the fabric,

- Fabric weight,

- Knitting report,

- Fabric winding width adjustment

- Color report and its dimensions should be examined carefully.

Features of Three Yarn Fabrics

Three-thread fabrics, which have many varieties like other fabrics, are produced in thick fein knitting machines. It is used very frequently in tracksuits and sportswear and it has many different types.

- Three yarn fabrics can be produced using melange, vanized, silvery, nopeli, flamed and various fiber blends,

- 30-30-10 or 30-20-10 yarn types are used,

- They are known in many places as lined knit fabrics,

- They can be with or without a cord,

- Wrinkle tendencies are low,

- It does not fit perfectly into the body fold,

- Their tendency to pull is slightly higher,

- It is also used frequently in dining table covers,

- It is used in tracksuit style clothing products due to its thick structure,

- It is suitable for washing,

- It does not tear easily, their shape does not deteriorate easily,

- Due to its thick structure, it does not keep the air stable,

- It is preferred for tablecloths because it is not spoiled even though it is washed many times.

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