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3-Layer Muslin Fabric

3-Layer Muslin

Our 3-layer muslin fabric is waved with 300 cm width but after the first wash it shrinks at approximately 220cm in width. Our 3-layer muslin fabric is made from 100% cotton. Muslin weaving has been carried out on hand looms traditionally as well as semi-automatic and automatic shuttles in more recent years. Despite the proliferation of automatic shuttles, our products are still artisan-made as the fringes of the Turkish towels are hand braided by local craftsmen and women. This fabric is waived by hand with a non-automate, old-style machine.

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Fabric Features


Composition: 100% Cotton

Width: 220 cm

Weight: 130 gsm


What is 3-layer muslin fabric used for?

Thanks to its breathable and soft texture, you can easily use it in every area with regard to babies: shoulder cover, baby blanket, swaddle cover, baby clothes and many more. Apart from this, it can be used in many other areas related to babies that you can think of. 3-layer muslin fabric is also a suitable choice for summer dresses, pyjamas, masks, home decor textiles, kitchen textiles, aroma bags, and even for medical bandages. 

3-Layer Muslin
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