About Us


We are a fabric manufacturer from Turkey. Our company was founded in 1998 in Tekirdag, Turkey which is a rapidly developing city thanks to cooperation between the private sector and universities.


Our business strategy has been different from the very beginning. We paid huge attention to research and development and improved to the maximum our production quality. Thus we achieved to create a very talented team and modern, eco-friendly manufacturing capacity.


We knit eco-friendly and green fabrics. Our priority is to provide knitting services for small and medium-sized businesses and designers.


We think in a different way.


Our service for the fashion industry not only makes millions of people wear elegant clothes but also allows talented designers to create their own fabrics. We are always happy to create possibilities for custom knitted fabrics, custom printed fabrics with small order amounts with exclusive quality.

So, when it comes to OGMA, quality, passion for details, and rigorousness are the core elements of our brand.